Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Wave of the Future?

Business blogging: the wave of the future?

Maybe ... Maybe not ...

I'm not exactly intimidated by computers and the Internet, but when it comes to technology, I've never been on the cutting edge either. My usual approach is to wait for the wave to build, hoping that I catch it at or near its peak, rather than in the trough that follows.

In terms of business trend-spotting, I take my cue from other successful entrepreneurs and my friend Sandy -- a very talented, successful consultant and long-time blogger -- has persuaded me that now, more than ever, having a blog makes business sense. Besides offering substantive reasons for having a business blog, she had a good counter-argument to my concern that as a professional writer there's more pressure to make my blog postings "perfect". Her response was that "the half-life of the interest in any particular post is less than two days, so there's not much sense in spending more time than that writing each one." (Point taken, Sandy.)

So, convinced that the time has come for me to share some of my ideas about good business writing and clear communication, what better time than a sunny winter Sunday to enter the world of business blogging...

Stay tuned...


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