Sunday, March 22, 2009

U.K.'s Local Goverment Association bans jargon

BBC News has reported that the Local Government Association (an association of 466 local government authorities throughout the UK) is encouraging its staff to avoid the use of jargon. According to the BBC, local and central governments are often criticized for their use of language.

Margaret Eaton, chair of the Local Government Association, explained its reasoning: "During the recession, it is vital that we explain to people in plain English how to get access to the 800 different services that total government provides with taxpayers' money. Councils have a duty, not only to provide value for money to local people, but also to tell people what they get for the tax the pay. People would be furious if they have no idea of what services their cash is paying for and how they should get to use them".


To see the complete list of the 200 words the Local Government Association has banned, click here.


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