Saturday, May 27, 2006

A celebration of dance ... er, words...

Given the name of my business and my blog, I figure it's appropriate to celebrate clever use of words, so I thought I'd mention something I heard last night at -- of all things -- a modern dance performance. It was a performance called "Diary" by the dance troupe Cas Public.

Before I tell you the line, let me set the scene a bit. The theme of the piece was love (according to the program notes written by the dance company) and every now and then one (or more) of the dancers would stop and give a line of narrative. The statements always had something to do with the theme...

I'm relying on my memory here, so I may not have it exactly right, but you'll get the drift. The line was:

"With two people, you have a story. With three, you have a plot..."

Ahhhh, the beauty of well chosen words... Puts a smile (or at least a smirk) on your face...


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